Alberto Samuel Yohai

Technology Expert

Economist from Georgetown University specialized in negotiation programs at Harvard, was founder and president for SAY Solutions. He has been a director and member of several boards including Financial Engineering Colombia, Room33 Colombia, Satellite Networks, the Chamber of Commerce Colombia-Israel and JackBe Corporation, among others.

He has been characterized as an entrepreneur known for his dynamism and international business experience, focused on the telecommunications world, introducing new technologies to the market. He has also worked with Ericsson Telecom in Stockholm and Mexico City, the Embassy of Colombia in Spain and the World Bank (IFC) in Washington, DC.

Since June 2012, he has served as the CEO of the Colombian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CCIT).  The CCIT has for the past 20 years, been joined by the most important technology companies in Colombia and has made great contributions to the industry, including the organization of the global forum of mobile devices anti-theft together with the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Defense, and has declared war on child pornography in Colombia.

Led the Forum for mobile phone service quality with Asomóvil following the discussions addressing quality of mobile services and has participated in several debates in Congress in reference to affairs of the ICT industry in the country, achieving the strengthening of the Chamber by being proactive with various causes and inclusive with all members of the Sector.