Alfonso Diaz Gtz. de Piñeres

Strategy and Defense Executive

Colombian retired  Admiral, graduated from Naval Academy in Cartagena,Colombia, during his navy tours was Superintendent of Naval Academy, frame time to developed a values core program based in lead by example, listen aggressive, look for results, built confidence and ensure high morale values and principles for students and established academic relations with international Universities as US Naval Academy and French Sorbone III in Paris, also he founded a Think-Thank fórum to obtain social economic and business development knowledge for the región within all sectors of civil military society, He left the Navy in 2006 as Caribbean Naval Commander where obtained recognition in social and business leadership developing  programs  for the most vulnerable populations.

In Addition, Admiral Diaz was naval adviser during Plan Colombia social-military between US- Colombia governments and congress, in maritime and military subjects.After retired became an strategic adviser for private and public sectors, as general secretary for the office of the Governor of Bolivar state and consultant developer of social programs for Mayor of Cartagena de Indias. Also a former CEO of Cartagena Chamber of Commerce developing entrepreneurs Investments in the areas of technology, innovation and commerce developments businesses , during his time in office CCC obtain a 155% growth rate when completing programs,  also he create the Investment Promotion Agency for Cartagena “Invest in Cartagena” and The WTC of Cartagena. Develop a Think- Thank for Cartagena and Bolivar for promoting ideas for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Admiral Diaz has a Bachelor´s Degree in Naval Sciences from Naval Academy and an MBA from Brentwick University of England, Alfonso also has Executive education studies from Institutions like The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey California, Maritime University in Chile and Harvard University Kennedy School.