Using Technology to Bring Empathy into the Power Industry

Using Technology to Bring Empathy into the Power Industry

In this article Seyi Fabode explains how Technology advancements that were once thought to be fringe (to the sector), are now coming mainstream and how VR Americas Ethical Self Brain Hacking Platform helps the industry “to have new and better-trained workforce able to adapt to a changing technology landscape. Even more impact: The use of this technology to increase job generation, especially for in-demand sectors, in every city all over the world. It increases opportunities for low-income low-skilled workers to obtain acquire training in less time than traditional training”.

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*Systems engineer with 15+ years of experience in the utility industry across 3 continents, developing technology solutions. Worked in risk analysis for a merchant bank, power plant operations & management, product strategy and development for an energy trading software platform, built & sold a technology company in the retail electricity space. Writer and speaker.

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