Kiko Suarez

PhD & Senior Advisor R&D, Workforce Development and Education

Dr. Juan “Kiko” Suarez likes to be described as a global citizen. He was born in Europe (Spain), and brings a unique blend of global experience in marketing and communications, corporate responsibility, information technology and strategic philanthropy. He has served in corporate leadership positions in two global Fortune 500 companies, including CEMEX and DuPont.

Dr. Suarez has represented his employers in delicate international transactions and before governments and organizations such as the United Nations, European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank. Dr. Suarez, who likes to be addressed as Kiko, also has a depth of entrepreneurial experiences, including being owner and CEO of two of his own startup companies as well as taking leadership roles in other firms in different capacities. Currently he serves on several company and nonprofit boards and advises senior leadership teams in the innovation and talent sectors globally.

Due to his passion for education and creating shared value, he served as Vice President of Communications and Innovation for Lumina Foundation for 8 years, the largest private foundation with the national goal of raising the percentage of Americans with quality post-secondary credentials to 60%. Suarez has earned a doctoral degree in Leadership and Change with a dissertation on the topic of the role of wisdom in organizations and innovation processes. He lives in Indiana (USA) with his wife Susana and two daughters, Sofia and Eva.