Lucas Kappaz at the Vancouver Web Fest

Lucas Kappaz at the Vancouver Web Fest

Canada’s Premier International Web Fest completed their fourth annual event March 17th to 19th, 2017. Vancouver Web Fest (VWF) celebrates the progressive evolution of entertainment and programming created exclusively for the Internet. This uniquely diverse festival was the first of its kind in Canada. VWF will bring together International and Canadian web content creators, producers and viewers through an engaged and responsive forum that acknowledges the cultural significance of this revolutionary genre.

It was a wonderful three days of panels, screenings, workshops, keynote speakers and of course parties. Attendees came from near and far. From across Canada, the United States, and around the world.  Lucas Kappaz  Co-Founder & CRO of VRAmericas was invited as a panelist in the Virtual Reality Workshop where he spoke about our Ethical Self Brain Hacking platform for training and workforce development.


Virtual Reality

Local VR innovators producing content discuss topics on:

  • Virtual Reality – Journey from Cinema to VR. This presentation will retrace the evolution of film as a medium from Thomas Edison to James Cameron, through the invention of computer graphics, the internet, and the mobile revolution and now through the cognitive concepts behind VR. Proposing a unique perspective on what Virtual Reality truly can be.
  • History of VR – Development of virtual reality over the last 50 years. Deconstructing 2016 as the “year of VR”. Exploring the current limitations on growth and providing some future forecasts including entertainment, travel, education and ethics.
  • Making VR Today – Directing a VR experience. Analyzing how VR wedges itself in between film and theatre from a production standpoint. Comparing live action VR to it’s counterpart- and the bridging of the gap between video games and cinema. Also exploring the realization that indeed the user is the true director in VR.
  • Ethical Self Brain Hacking
    Reality is built inside the brain. We will show how some of our work will allow people to unlock its own brain, build new neuro-patterns to learn easier and faster, or to reconstruct harmed neuro-patterns to a faster recovery from illness. Using brain code and patterns are a powerful tool to engage your own brain for higher levels of learning, training, and medical recovery. The analytics obtained through the process create a positive feedback chain to make wiser and more informed decisions. This is the perfect storm for the interaction among software, hardware, and computer vision applications.

James Kingstone – Partner at Hammer & Tong – Vancouver, Canada
Sean Ronan – Partner at Hammer & Tong – Vancouver, Canada
David Feuillatre – Founder and CEO of Zebra VR – Vancouver, Canada
Lucas Kappaz – Co-Founder & CRO of VRAmericas – Los Angeles, United States

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