Nohora Elizabeth Hoyos

Spreading Science

Research scientist, formed in Health Sciences with an emphasis on Basic Research, oriented towards Social Innovation and work with and for the community. Expert in Management for the Development of Programs and Projects to strengthen Education, Science, Technology and Innovation as cornerstones for the social and economic development of the country. Unrestricted commitment and of high impact with the comprehensive development of the community.

Manager and leader in Policies of Science and Technology and in Public and Private Strategies for the consolidation of the Scientific and Technological Development of the country. Innovative in models for the Civic Culture, Social Empowerment, training, and management for the field of Science and Technology and society.

Creator, promoter and executor of high impact projects, articulating academic, scientific, business, political sectors and community in general.

Leader in construction and execution of international cooperation strategies and alliances development with high-level organizations in Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.
Leader, promoter and manager of Corporación Maloka, a private and non-profit entity that is self-supporting and that has contributed significantly to build a better society for 17 years, based on lifelong learning, knowledge and Innovation.

National and International Speaker, guest of honor in numerous congresses, seminars, meetings on Public Policies, Culture, Science and Technology, Innovation, Creativity, Education, Management and Social Innovation.