Rosario Ballesteros-Casas Latinas in Tech Panel at Spotify


The past September 28 at 4.30pm Rosario Ballesteros-Casas was part of the Latinas in Tech Panel at Spotify with other talented and proudly latinas tech leaders! StaciedeArmas of Nielsen TatianaOliviera of Tumblr AnaRoca of Genius Plaza JocelinLopez of Spotify and CynthiaMohr of Google.

Latinas hold 2% of all positions in the Tech Industry. This panel  showcased Latinas who are leaders in the space. We  explored how being a female leader in a male-dominated environment has shaped their career; the importance of relatable and empowering role models for a minority group; and finally, how other personal challenges in education and career opportunities has shaped where they are today.

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