Rosario Ballesteros-Casas

Co-Founder & CEO 

Co-Founder of VR Americas LLC, a virtual and augmented reality company expanding the frontier of immersive technologies in commercial applications. She is also the Founder and President of Business Creative Partners, an advisory firm specializing in investment in Latin America with special interest in the areas of technology, innovation and digital businesses.

Former CEO of Grupo Senseta, Inc., a Silicon Valley company unlocking the potential of information for organizations, by solving highly complex issues in data capture and analytics, opening the door to Actionable Intelligence and analytics through state-of-the-art Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies. Previously, she had a leadership role at the opening of Julius Bar Private Bank in Colombia. She was a Senior Consultant at the World Bank, where she dealt with economic and anticorruption matters in Latin America.

Rosario was Chief of Staff for a First Lady of the Republic of Colombia and some years before she was the Coordinator of Citizen Participation in the Colombian Presidential Program for Fight Against Corruption. She started her career working as an Executive Director for the Not for Profit Organization ParticipAcción Ciudadana, created by business leaders from Colombia working over the concept of Trust and Social Capital by building a social network of citizens, social leaders, and entrepreneurs, back in 1997.

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the Universidad de los Andes, and an MBA from the University of Mondragon in Spain. Executive education studies from institutions like Universidad de los Andes, London School of Economics and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She keeps learning every day by the active use of MOOCs. Delegate for the KIN Global Innovation Network from the Kellogg School of Management; Member of the Colombian Forum of Presidents.

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