VR Americas in Big Events

VR Americas in Big Events

We are proud to announce  that we are part of three big events this month: STEAMnista ( New York) , ITC Technology Conference (Houston)  and Festival de Cine Creative Commons & New Media ( Bogotá).

STEAMnista( Saturday, November 5th, 2016) is a unique event focused on increasing the participation, visbility, leadership and celebrating the achievements of women across S.T.E.A.M ( Science, Technology Engineering, Arts, Math) + Entrepreneurship + Makers.  At the event people will get inspired by our CEO  and Co-Founder Colombian born entrepreneur  Rosario Ballesteros-Casas selected as speaker with  20 dynamic and diverse industry leaders to share, educate and inspire women around the globe.

ITC ( Houston, Tx, November 14 – 16 , 2016)  Virtual Reality (VR) , Augmented Reality (AR),  and Mixed Reality (MR) are the latest technologies to change the face of entertainment over the past few years. However, these “Immersive Technologies” have the potential to change not only Gaming and Entertainment but much, much more. The members of the Immersive Technology Conference (ITC) all share a strong belief that these technologies represent a pivotal moment in our history. Immersive Technologies are already being implemented in the Medical, Oil & Gas, Marketing, Architecture, Aerospace, and Education fields with great success. ITC 16 aims to bring the people passionate about this technology together.

ITC will feature speakers from industry leading companies like Nasa, Samsung, Unity. Exxon Mobil, Microsoft and we are proud to be one of them.  Rosario Ballesteros Casas ( Co- Founder and CEO ) and Lucas Kappaz ( Co-Founder and COO) will haver their speech ( Wednesday Nov 16, at 10:30 am) on Ethical Self Brain Hacking, and they will show how some of our work will allow people to unlock its own brain, build new neuro-patterns to learn easier and faster, or to reconstruct harmed neuro-patterns to a faster recovery from illness.

Festival de Cine Creative Commons & New Media (Bogota, November 1 – 5, 2016)  The Festival is an academic and audiovisual space  that seeks to highlight new trends  to understand and know the new forms of licensing openly and collaborative audiovisual and film productions.

We are part of the “Hackathon VR 360” pure creative adrenaline to create a VR short film in 72 hours.

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