Ethical Self Brain Hacking

VR Americas, is developing Ethical Self Brain Hacking, a training-management platform to help in the reduction of the Smart cities skills gap challenge, delivering scientifically structured content for effective training and learning process tracking, using the power of virtual and augmented realities, enriched with our analytical engine insights.

A B2B solution, where the company training leader can select and assign immersive content to the trainee’s training syllabus. Once the trainee learns and does tests in VR and AR, our analytics engine is capturing and processing the data in order to give valuable insights about the trainee's process and evolution, about the industry’s best practices and in the future could have the base to plan the future of those industries.

Shaping the future of training for the cities of the future

  • B2B Training-management platform
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality 
  • Scientifically structured content 
  • Big Data and AI insights